Monday, August 16, 2010

The Pictures are Up!

We had fun taking pictures of the soap with our brother Philip (thanks, Philip!) one evening, and now they are up on our products pages. Be sure to check them out!
In the coming weeks we should be adding fragrances like Apple, for a good fall fragrance, as well as Cookies and Creme and a few others.


Anonymous said...

Great job! The photos look very professional. :)

K & A Soaps said...

Thanks, Josiah! Coming from a photographer like yourself, that means a lot! :-)

FirstWatch Farms said...

These photos are amazing! The whole website is. Makes me want to use some of your soap... ;-)
Don't you think you augt to have a tab at the top titled "Purchasing" to make it easy for people to find out how to buy from you?

Anonymous said...

I receintly viewed and smelled these neatly done soaps at the Lititz Farmer's market. They smelled delightful, were pretty to look at, were neatly created, and neatly packaged. Packaging is everything! I can't wait to go back and buy some!