Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Something New

 Over the past several months I haven't posted much on here, but things have been happening at K & A Soaps. We have some new products (more on that later). But the biggest thing, and something I'm pretty excited about, is that we have changed how we label and package our soaps. Instead of simply shrink wrapping the bars, with is simple and efficient, we're now wrapping them in scrapbook paper for soaps that  appeal to the eye too. And though the outward appearance has changed (see the photos above and below), the soaps remain basically the same except now we add unrefined shea butter to most of our bars. They still feel great on your skin and smell good too. 
As I said, we have a few new products. We've made two shaped soaps and soap balls. The soap balls, fish, and butterflies all come in both the Ocean Breeze fragrance and Litsea which is scented with Litsea Cubeba essential oil and has a lovely lemon aroma. Now you can add a little fun to your soap dish, plus they make great gifts and favors.

Have a lovely fall and enjoy K & A Soaps!