What People are Saying About K & A Soaps:

"I LOVE your soap! Especially the oatmeal, milk, & honey! I also love the honey soap. As I said I love the oatmeal soap it has made my skin feel great!"

~ Mary-Anne, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for the soap. I just love it and my hair missed it for the two weeks that I was out. I can't let that happen again to me. Keep up the good work and cant wait to see what you have created the next time I am ready for my supply. For the others out there. You have to get this soap it is amazing and use it on your whole body. My hair is beautiful. Thanks Again,"

~ Deborah, Pennsylvania

"I saw your spring sale and am in need of soap. We love your soaps by the way! They smell wonderful and really feel nice on your skin! Thank you so much! I hope you continue your business! I have not found any other soaps as nice as yours, honestly!"

~ Sarah, New York

“I love K&A Soaps!  It is great having a trusted source for unscented soap.  Their new Castile soap works wonderfully and I love the texture.”

~ Christy, Pennsylvania

About Our Lip Butter
"My lips are cured, but I keep putting it [peppermint lip balm] on for the fun of it. Looking at the ingredient list is fun too. I can actually pronounce everything on it."
~ Carmen, Pennsylvania