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Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey ~ This bar has no fragrance oils or colorants, so it is a good choice for those with skin that is sensitive to those things. The addition of honey and oatmeal give it some texture and a slightly sweet smell. This bar is a favorite with our customers.
 Citrus Cream ~ Orange, pink grapefruit, and litsea cubeba essential oils combine to give this soap a nice citrus aroma. Calendula petals add the flecks of yellow.

Spearmint ~ Love the smell of spearmint? This green and cream colored bar has a refreshing spearmint fragrance.
 Soap Balls ~ We have two kinds of soap balls available, Litsea (as pictured to the left). The Litsea has a lovely lemon aroma from litsea cubeba essential oil. The two balls weigh approximately as much as a bar of soap.

$4 for 2 soap balls

Contact us for availability and fragrances
 Soap Butterflies and Fish ~ Like the soap balls, they butterflies and fish are available in Litsea. They weigh about 3-5 oz., the fish being larger.

Butterflies -- $3
Fish -- $3.50

Contact us for availability and fragrances

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