Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photo Shoot

Today I took a number of soap photos, of soaps that either needed a new picture or else were still waiting for one. Plus I took photos of a few other items. Here's a sampling of a few of today's shots....

One for fun....

Finally, Coconut Lime Verbena!

Lavender...a new look at an old favorite.

Soap on a String, that is soap in a luffa.

Sugar Scrubs are something Karen and I've had fun making over the past several months. And our customers at the farmers' market are enjoying them too.


Hannah said...

Beautiful new photos! They are so bright and colorful!

I planted some luffa gourd this season, with the hopes of using it with soap, but it hasn't fruited for some reason. Yours looks great, especially for fall!

K and A Soaps said...

Thanks, Hannah! It can be fun, but also challenging, to come up with ideas for product photos. I enjoy looking at yours and getting ideas. :-)

I'm sorry your luffas didn't produce. If you decide to try them again, I hope they yield some for you. I like the luffa in the soap--it's a fun idea that was given to us buy a lady at market.


Carmen M. said...

I like the first photo especially.

Candace said...

...Love the creativity! And the Coconut Lime Verbena looks good enough to taste. ;)